While it is essential for press releases to be well written, highly targeted distribution is just as important. Distribution of press releases is one of the most cost-effective and credible ways for individuals, businesses, and organizations to get their message out to the public. Press releases can boost the credibility of a business in the eyes of the people the business most wants to reach.

Press Releases – Distribution

Just throwing together a press release and shooting it out to every media contact in the known universe is not the path to success. First of all, press releases should be well written, which means they must be concise and factual, while being engaging without being puffed-up. Press releases are not the place for hype, ad copy, or subjective but unsubstantiated opinions. Editors and producers, particularly in the major media, sift through hundreds or even thousands of press releases a week, and they want well-written releases about truly newsworthy or timely topics. They tend to ignore poorly written press releases that would only interest the sender’s mother.

Highly targeted distribution of press releases is extremely important. Systems Projects maintains a UK National and Local Media list of thousands of media contacts so the company can target individual journalists who are interested in the topic covered by the releases. In addition, all press releases are sent individually rather than grouped with other releases, ensuring that each receives the most beneficial exposure possible.

What is unique about this service?

With years of experience in Mass Media Distribution and with the deployment of their proprietary software, Systems Projects can send out your news to targeted journalists in the UK National and Local Media at a fraction of the cost you currently are paying.

Press distribution services

Systems Projects is a UK-based press release distribution agency with local and national media reach.

We offer:

    • Distribution to selected journalists and editors from our UK Media database
    • Distribution to Newspapers, Magazines, Journals
    • Distribution to Radio, Television, Networks
    • Distribution to Internet Search Engines and News sites
    • Geographical Distribution National, Local, County, City, Town and combination of any.

    In addition:

    • NO Limit to the number of journalists and outlets distributed to
    • Submitted to Google News
    • Featured on our website
    • Personalised service
    • Submitted News RSS feeds
    • Single one-off low fee

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